Courses are open to both members and non-members and are held at regular intervals throughout the year.
They are listed on the events page on the CMAA website (
Attendance on our Instructor training courses is recommended for:

Candidates working towards Level 2: Once every 2 years
Candidates working towards Level 1: Once every 2 years
Externally Qualified Instructors taking the programme: Attendance on one course leading to Level 1 status is advised.
Once Level 1 qualified:
1. CMAA Members - attendance is advised every 2 years as part of your own C.P.D.
2. Non CMAA Members - attendance is
compulsory every 2 years, failure to do so will result in the qualification expiring. This also includes
Instructors who leave the CMAA for any reason. This is to ensure the stringent standards set within the Level 1 are maintained.
(Once qualified to Level 1 all Instructors are advised to keep up to date with the written exam at regular intervals as questions do change from time to time).

Course Content
Courses run for 3 to 4 hours (dependant on number of attendees) and include the following subjects.

A look at the written exam for Level 1 and lesson planning

Health & Safety in your Dojo / Club

Risk Assessments

Insurance & It's Importance

What we can and cannot teach in the eyes of our Insurer

Problem Students and Discipline

Safeguarding, Social Media & Codes of Conduct

Instructor Ethics

Club Management

An Introduction to First Aid
(Full certification can be gained via

Communication Skills

Character Building Exercises

The Martial Arts Instructor UK training programme may seem intense to some. However the CMAA has a high duty of care and as
such when delivering training would rather have Instructors who know the answers rather than ones who think they do.