Andrew Morrell founded his own club in 1996 in
Dukinfield, Manchester. In 2016 he moved the
club to Denton, Manchester into the LMA
Matsumura Academy on Town Lane which is a
venue which is owned by one of his students.

In July 2020 Andrew handed over his 'static'
weekday evening class and moved online
offering his lessons to the wider CMAA family
at a national level.

For a small monthly subscrition of £10 CMAA
members around the UK have access to Andrew's
syllabus and courses without having to travel to

Andrew teaches several styles which can be
viewed on the
Syllabus page on this website. In
addition the following are also available at your
club. (Use the links to the left to view details).
1. Self Defence
2. Kicking and Flexibilty
3. Arm and Leg Bunkai (Locks & Restraints)
4. Bully Aware
5. Padwork Drills
6. First Aid
7. Martial Arts Instructor UK
8. Knife Aware
and more....

If you would like to join Andrew's online club
click here or if you have any questions give him a
call on 07909 673894