Syllabus Recognition
Should an already qualified Instructor wish to formulate their own bespoke syllabus for acceptance and ratification by the
CMAA the following criteria will be required.

1. Altering an existing style/syllabus
If the Instructor wants to simply change a syllabus they have already trained in to better meet their needs then they can do so
providing no other systems or styles are to be included.

2. Writing a new bespoke syllabus which incorporates other styles.
In the event that more than one style is to be mixed the author writing the syllabus must hold Black Belt grades in the styles that
are to be included. This is to ensure that the techniques being included have previously been demonstrated by the author at a
high enough standard to then later allow him/her to award black belt grades in the new mixed style. For example if Karate and
Ju-Jitsu were mixed yet the style author did not hold black belts in both then he/she could not later endorse a black belt in a
style which combines them as this would mean awarding a black belt grade for techniues where he/she did not achieve one