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19.10.16 CMAA Branded Clothing & Goods
We now have an online shop supplying CMAA branded T Shirts, Hoodies and much more. A permanent link
has been added to the link bar on the home page of our website under the header 'CMAA Clothing Range' or
click the image above to view it now.

17.10.16 - Issues Arising Outside of a CMAA Club or Event
For clarity the CMAA will not get involved in any situation, dispute or argument which takes place OUTSIDE
of a CMAA registered club or CMAA event. This includes social media.

Our membership policy (revised 2015 under legal advice) states this and also offers advice and guidance on the
use of social media. No other advise is or will be given.

However everyone has the right to express an opinion and also freedom of speech, but if this then results in
Police or Civil action then that person only has themselves to hold accountable including for any damage they
cause to THEIR OWN reputation with or without Police or Civil action.

This does not mean that we won't take action should a prosecution ensue as in theses cases, once evidence has
been received, that persons CMAA membership may well be revoked due to the conviction being most likely
harassment which also invalidates insurance cover for that person as this is on the list of convictions the
companies won't offer cover to.

The reason for the above is, besides it being non of our business what members do in the own time, we do not
own clubs or employ instructors. We are a service provider and us taking action, giving warnings - revoking
membership etc would not stop that persons behaviour if they are intent. They would simply join another group
or go on their own and carry on.

So to be clear if a situation happens in a CMAA club or at a CMAA event then we can and will act. Everything
outside of this is non or our business just in the same way the big supermarkets can't control their customers
when they're not in the store!

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About The CMAA
The CMAA was founded in 2002 as a National Supporting Body for all Martial Arts and has grown to be one
of the largest groups in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to bring all Martial Arts together in a fair, equal and
open minded manner. As such the CMAA recognises all known styles whether they are Traditional, Freestyle
or Mixed along with proven grades.

With several thousand Members and Affiliates throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and Southern
Ireland, we would invite any Instructor or Student from any style to join. The most important thing to note is
we do not govern or interfere in the lawful management of your club(s) as we never forget it is your choice to
join us, we are simply here to SUPPORT YOU.

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Promoting Good Practice, Health & Safety and Safeguarding.
Fully supportive of the guidelines as set by the Martial Arts Standards Agency (MASA)

Holders of
(CMAA Office) The Greater Manchester Sports Partnership Club Mark

Members of the Sport and Recreation Alliance

Registered Umbrella Body With The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

First Aid Training Provider

Martial Arts Standards Agency (MASA) Approved Instructor Training Provider

Ensuring Quality Service and Tuition With The Cobra Centre of Excellence Award

Equal Opportunities and Respecting Diversity -

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Trade Marks and Logos
The CMAA logos must only be displayed by registered current Member Clubs on literature, advertising
materials or websites. The CMAA logos, along with the CMAA name (abbreviated or otherwise) must
not be
used on any of the following unless officially issued by the CMAA
* Certificates of any kind
* Badges or other embroidery / printing on club uniforms
Any person using them who is
not a current Member will be infringing on Trade Mark & Copyright Law.

Cobra Martial Arts Association are registered with and protected by the National Business Registry and
the Department of Trade & Industry. The word
COBRA and the CMAA logo are registered Trade Marks
(section 41) for the Instruction of all Martial Arts Within the United Kingdom.
Registration Number: 2369237
"Infringement of registered Trade Marks. This occurs when a third party uses a sign or word identical, or
similar to, a registered mark in respect of identical or similar goods or services"

Cases won to date against non CMAA members using the name = 7
Cases won to date against non CMAA members using copyrighted material = 2

"Martial Arts Instructor UK" and "Cobra Kids" are protected under the same conditions. The Cobra Martial
Arts Association
also fully supports The Office of Fair Trading "Approved Codes of Practice"

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